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Ready for a Cleaning Service Like You've Never Had Before?

Your business deserves the BEST cleaning service on the market--The BetterBest Team is here for You!

Need a Competitive Edge? Want to WOW Your Staff and Your Customers? Our Team Can Help!


BetterBest Maids Commercial understands that a healthy workplace reduces sick days, keeps employees happy and more productive, and is just better for your business’ bottom line.  More than that, our entire culture is built on doing things differently, in a way that truly brings “The WOW Factor” to our customers. Our proprietary “Surprise & Delight” package combined with our phenomenal office cleaning services, provides you with a way to keep your staff happy, healthy and feeling great about coming to work to take great care of your customers! Partnering with us can have a great impact on your bottom line, and even help reduce stress, turnover and increase talent retention! (Who knew a cleaning company could DO THAT?!?!)


The services we provide are based on the needs and demands of our customers, whether you need cleaning services once a month to seven days a week. In addition, our founder brings a solid HR management background to what we do so we can contribute in positive, tangible ways to your efforts to retain quality people—“We don’t just clean the place, we bring a smile to their face!!!”


At BetterBest Maids Commercial, we offer so much more than traditional cleaning services…and isn’t your business ready for something fresh? A competitive edge to help you attract and retain quality people who will help take care of and grow your business?


We do something nobody else is doing, in a way they’ve never even thought of before!

We love what we do and we look forward to bringing that passion and enthusiasm to YOUR office today!

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Office Area

  • Trash bins Emptied
  • Tables and Phones Cleaned and Disinfected
  • Glass Wiped Down
  • Floors Swept and Mopped
  • Computers and Monitors Dusted


  • Floors Swept and Mopped
  • Carpet Vacuumed


  • Trash Removed
  • Tables Cleaned and Sanitized
  • Carpet Vacuumed
  • Computer and Monitors Dusted
  • Phones Disinfected


  • Toilets, Urinals, and Sinks Cleaned and Disinfected
  • Trash Removed
  • Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, and Soap Stocked
  • Mirrors Cleaned
  • Floors Swept and Mopped